What’s new in 2.3


What’s new in Datanect 2.3


Open long text, like CLOBs, in text editor

If an entity class contains attributes that contain long text you can now open the full text in a text editor. Choose Attributes-> Open with text editor -> <attribute name> from the context menu.

Datanect will load the complete attribute value and opens it in the text editor


Load performance for big tables improved

Entity Repository Explorer

Entity remote count

You can now select Count -> Entities from the context menu if you select:

  • Datanect Project
  • Entity Repository
  • Entity Namespace
  • Entity Class

Datanect will then count the entities in the remote repository and provide the result as an decorator.

The entity count actions are also available in the toolbar.

Keep user-defined attributes on repository reload

You can now select which uder-defined attributes to keep on reload.

License Management

Bug fixes
  • Update notification did not work.


Bug fixes
  • [DATANECT-277] – Excel export fails when cell value is greater then 32767


What’s new in 2.2


What’s new in Datanect 2.2

Log Console

RDBMS statement log

The SQL statements that are send to the remote repository
are loggen in the RDBMS console.


Attribute filters extended

The attribute filters do now allow the !, >, >=,
<, <= operators

Multiple attribute filters values

Mutiple attribute filter values can be used for integer

Null filter

You can now filter null attributes using

Copy cell value support

Selected cell values can now be copied into clipboard via
the context menu.

Copy cell value via double click

Double click a cell and select the text you want to copy.
Then press CTRL + C.

Attribute search

You can search an open tablebrowser’s attributes and
scroll to the selected now. Use CTRL + SHIFT + A


DATANECT-232: Derived attributes do not allow big_integer

DATANECT-243: When a derived attribute is deleted all
user-defined references that use them should be deleted too.

DATANECT-254: Selection is not propagated through
user-defined references.

DATANECT-256: Do not open another tablebrowser for the
same reference.

Entity Repository Explorer

Keep user-defined references on reload

When you reload an entity repository that contains
user-defined references, you will be asked which ones you would
like to keep.

Network Settings

Proxy settings

You can now configure a proxy server. You might need this
to activate a license or to check for updates. Use Window ->
Preferences -> General -> Network Connections

License Management

Bug fixes
  • [DATANECT-246] – License management should use proxy
    settings if set.

Check for available updates

The license management now provides a check for updates button.


Bug fixes
  • [DATANECT-242] – CHAR(10) is exported as CHAR(1)

Update notification

Check for available updates on startup

Datanect will automatically search for updates in the
background at startup and show you an available updates dialog
if updates are available.