What’s new in 1.0.0

Entity repository manager

Add / edit / delete entity repositories

The entity repository view’s toolbar contains 3 buttons to manage entity repositories: 

Copy entity repositories

Entity repositories can be copied by editing an existing repository and change it’s name.

Drivers from maven repositories

Datanect can download JDBC drivers automatically from any maven repository. Just use the special mvn:// protocol. E.g. to use a MySQL driver you can set the driver URL to mvn:///mysql/mysql-connector-java/6.0.6. The format is mvn://[groupId]/[artifactId]/[version]. It uses your personal maven settings located in USER_HOME/.m2/settings.xml. Thus you can configure remote repositories, mirrors, proxy servers, etc. as usualy. Take a look at the Maven Settings Reference.

Entity browser

Tree layout

Entity browsers can be tree layouted by their join dependencies using the tree layout button  in the toolbar. 

Flow layout

Entity browsers can be flow layouted by their join dependencies using a flow layout button   in the toolbar. The flow layout brings them in a sequential order. 

Refresh of entity browsers

All open entity browsers can be refreshed at once using the refresh button  in the toolbar.

Export selected entities

Entities that are selected can be exported via the context menu. 

Export selected entity classes

Datanect can export the entity’s metadata as an SQL-DDL script.

Export formats

Datanect supports export into Excel, XML, XML flat and SQL (insert script). When using SQL export you can also specify the export SQL-dialect. Take a look at DBUnit’s xml and xml flat dataset format description for details on xml export.

Aggregate view

An aggregate view can be activated for each entity browser: View -> Aggregate View.  The aggregate view shows the aggregation of the actual selection.

Entity selection outline

The entity selection outline helps you to get a quick overview of how many entity are selected in an entity browser. When you put the mouse over the entity selection outline it shows you the id of the entity at that position. You can scroll to any entity by double-clicking onto the entity selection outline. 

License Manager

Improved License View

The license view shows you detailed information about the license’s state now without the need to open the license details. 

Update Notifications

Automatic update notifications enable/disable

Automatic update notification can now be disabled in the notification window by de-selecting the “Automatic update check” checkbox. Automatic update checks can be enabled again in the same window: Help -> Check for updates