How do I update datanect?

You should always make a backup of your workspace before you update datanect.

Extract to new folder

Updating datanect is easy. Just unzip the new version to another folder. Start datanect and choose the workspace of the previous version.


How to install a license?

When you run datanect for the first time you will see the welcome page


Open “Help -> License Management” from the main menu

Select the datanect license row

and click “Set”.

Select your license and press “Open”.

The license is now installed, but not activated yet.

Click “Activate” and wait a moment.

After the license has been successfully activated, the restart dialog opens.

Restart datanect.

You will now have access to all features

If you don’t have a license you can request a trial license using the “Free Trial” button on the top right of this website or buy one.


How to install datanect?

Installing datanect is quiet easy. Just unzip the downloaded archive to your preferred disk location.

You can download datanect here.

Bug Report & Feature Request

How to report bugs?

Bug report

We test our software as good as we can, but there are many different conditions that may cause an error:

  • Different operating systems
  • Virtualized environments
  • Many different databases
  • etc.

Therefore we are need as many input as we can get.

At the moment bugs can be reported by sending an e-mail to bugs@datanect.com.

How to submit a feature request?

Feature requests

If you are missing a feature you can use the same email adress as for sending a bug: bugs@datanect.com.

We will review your request and see if it fits the concept of Datanect. If it does we will schedule it for development and you will see it in our “Planned for ….” blog some day.

Issue report system

We don’t have an issue tracking system at the moment, but we will setup it as soon as it gets important for us. So please use the e-mail above.