What’s new in 2.3


What’s new in Datanect 2.3


Open long text, like CLOBs, in text editor

If an entity class contains attributes that contain long text you can now open the full text in a text editor. Choose Attributes-> Open with text editor -> <attribute name> from the context menu.

Datanect will load the complete attribute value and opens it in the text editor


Load performance for big tables improved

Entity Repository Explorer

Entity remote count

You can now select Count -> Entities from the context menu if you select:

  • Datanect Project
  • Entity Repository
  • Entity Namespace
  • Entity Class

Datanect will then count the entities in the remote repository and provide the result as an decorator.

The entity count actions are also available in the toolbar.

Keep user-defined attributes on repository reload

You can now select which uder-defined attributes to keep on reload.

License Management

Bug fixes
  • Update notification did not work.


Bug fixes
  • [DATANECT-277] – Excel export fails when cell value is greater then 32767



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